by Jim Jenkins & Dave Quick

(Peregrine Smith Books, 1989, ISBN 0-87905-185-X)


MOTION MOTION: KINETIC ART is a survey of twenty American

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artists who utilize the element of movement in their work. The book explores the wide range of media and means of motivation that define the scope of kinetic sculpture. A historical preface spotlights the work of noted artists Fletcher Benton, Alice Aycock, and Jonathon Borofsky.

Featured artists include:

Lewis Alquist, Mineko Grimmer, Jim Jenkins, Gary Justis, Robert Mark Packer, Bryan Rogers, Survival Research Laboratories, Sarah Tamor, Fred Tomaselli, Steve Barry, Matthew Gil, Andrew Ginzel/Kristin Jones, Everett Greenbaum, & Dave Quick.



(Cover Image: Hari Kari Ketchup King by Robert Mark Packer)


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